The Easy Way to Live Your Dreams


It’s been a minute since I spoke to you all. Here’s an update of everything I’m up to right now 🙂

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Okay, let’s get to this content y’all.

It feels like we’ve all been stuck in a rut these first 6 months of 2017..or is it just me. I’m telling you it feels like we have all these dreams that have been bottled up on the inside but for whatever reason have not found their way out of our hearts and into our lives. Just thinking about actually living your dreams can seem overwhelming, exhaustive and just plain too hard. But I’m here to tell that it actually is not that hard–it definitely is not impossible that’s for sure. You can do this!

This is the 3 steps you can take to actually start living your dreams right now!

  1. Take 15 minutes to sit down and write your dream out in as much detail as you can. Describe what a day in your life looks like when you are living your dream. Start from when you wake up until you lay down to go to sleep that day, and engage all of your senses. How did the bed feel? What did you see when you woke up? Was there the smell of breakfast or the scent of the ocean coming through your french doors? Describe the house/villa/condo/apartment. Who is laying next to you or are you laying alone? How do you greet each other in the morning…you get my point. Take the time and do this!
  2. Take 5 minutes to see yourself actually living your dream and succeeding–being successful at your dreams. Because I promise you that your dreams are profitable–it will make you money!
  3. Finally write down what you’re going to do this week toward that dream. Do this every week and before you know wham bam you are living your dreams!

That’s it queens! That’s how you do it and you can start right now!

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Purpose Detox Series: Get Rid of Inadequacy

Hey there!

If you haven’t already joined us on our Purpose Detox journey on Periscope make sure you log in 7:30am MST–Monday to Friday!

Okay so let’s talk about exactly what inadequacy is. It literally means feeling of being insufficient for a purpose–wow! A lot of us know exactly why  God put us on this Earth but we feel like we’re not enough. We have a lot of help with this, we have people in our lives that are constantly putting us down, pointing out our faults and basically making us feel like we’re failing at life. BUT THAT’S A LIE. YOU ARE NOT FAILING AT LIFE.

The purpose, the divine design of who you are and why you are on this earth is amazing. Everything about you has been perfectly put together for the purpose God  called you to. There is no extra thing you need to go get that can make you more perfect for what God has called you to. Now that’s not to say you don’t need to mature in your strengths–but they’re already your strengths. God isn’t focusing on your weaknesses–He already made your weaknesses somebody else’s strength so we can compliment each other.

Everything that you absolutely love to do and would pay someone to let you do are the exact things you need to fulfill your purpose. They’re already your strengths. They’re already your desires. You are enough for exactly what God called you to do!

Love you fierce one!