My name is Yeamah. 

It is a West African name, it means “when you see her you will praise her.” How awesome is that?! I was literally born to see women, just like you, to discover their true purpose and actually live it. I believe in the power of who God created you to be, I believe that the best thing you will ever experience is living the life you were created to live. I am living that life right now, so I know it is possible.

I am naturally a teacher and a coach. I realized it when I would randomly give strangers advice on how to profit from their passions. I mean from bartenders to cashiers–literally every conversation I had ended up with me pushing people to have the courage to live their dreams. It is the thing that makes me the happiest. It’s what I want to do for you. I want to take you from start to finish–from discovering the life YOU actually want to live to actually living it.

We all need you to be fulfilling our dreams so that the world finds the courage to live theirs. You ready?

Coach Yeamah