At the end of this live training you will:

  • Be confident you can hear the voice of God
  • Read the Bible without guilt and shame
  • Feel safe asking God the hard questions around your sexuality


We review the objectives of the course.


  • Request to be invited into the private Facebook group by clicking HERE.
  • Purchase a journal and a Bible, if you do not already have one.

How to Hear the Voice of God


  1. Purchase and begin reading the book Mystical Union by John Crowder, and the book Knowing & Experiencing God by Arthur Meintjes
  2. Begin two way journaling EVERY DAY


If you have any questions as you’re going through the material and have questions please bring those questions to the private Facebook group.

Approaching the Bible with Confidence

How to Study & Understand the Bible

Feeling Safe Asking God Questions

Talking to God about Sex


Use these writing prompts as a jump start your 2-way journaling with God. Refer back to session #2 to remind yourself of what 2-way journaling entails.