Be still. That’s how you seize your moment. Don’t you love me for telling you the answer right up front? lol

But for real I learned this lesson 3 years ago when I was in a relationship that was not for me. I ended up entertaining that relationship for way longer than I should have because I was caught up in that person and never took the time to stop and see what was really going on. And we do this when we are pursuing our purposes we get caught up in the process and never just stop to do inventory of our thoughts, behaviors and relationships.

I read a quote a while ago in the book Alchemy, I think, and they said something along the lines of a life that’s not thought about is not worth living. Basically, that you are not stopping to think about your life and do inventory there’s no point in living a life like that. You are on a road going somewhere that you don’t even know because you’re just caught up in the process of going. I hope that makes sense.

So how do you fix it? You be still. You stop and think. You take some time to yourself and just do some thinking. Meditation, reflection–whatever you call it. Just do it. I’m talking to myself too. Because once I set my mind on something I can be like a dog with a bone–I will pursue until I get what I want–but I never stop to take inventory of my steps or even ask my desires have changed.

So stop today and consider your steps. Consider your thoughts. Consider your life.

Love you!

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