Hey there!

Are you looking around wondering why everybody else seems so happy and you’re just sitting there thinking what about me? It seems like everyone is getting it together but you’re stuck and bored. You’re just going to a job that you hate, you don’t really enjoy the relationships with your friends and family, and the highlight of your week is your day off. Been there done that!!

How do you get out of that cycle? You discover the reason you were born. It’s a discovery because it’s already IN YOU! Nobody has the key to it and has it locked up. It’s right up in that beautiful heart of yours.

Join me on Periscope at @ycoach and let’s detox from all the toxins in our souls so we can finally start living the life we were born to live. Living your purpose is that only thing that will rescue you from the hamster wheel you’re on right now. Time to get off and walk your path!

Love you beloved. Kisses!

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