Happy Day Everyone!

Let’s get right into it. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is hurt–like they have hurt all the way deep down on the inside of them and they just can’t seem to let it go? And you can tell that they’re hurt because you always feel like you’re either walking on egg shells or in a minefield–you never know when you’ll say the wrong thing to set them off. And it’s always your fault. Another way to tell is if you’re fine–like happy and in a good mood and after a conversation you start feeling rejected and hurt.

You either reading this as a person who is suffering with rejection or you’re in a relationship with someone who is suffering with rejection–either way I want to share something with you to help you. I also want to acknowledge that it is HARD to deal with rejection and we must know that it is a spiritual battle. There is a supernatural negative force working in your life when you are dealing with rejection. It’s not you and it’s definitely not coming from God.

So how do you deal with the spirit of ┬árejection? You recognize the truth–it’s a spiritual attack on your life or the life of the person you love. No one chooses to willingly walk around feeling rejected. Life has happened to them and satan has gotten in their ear with lies about who they are. He tells them no one loves them, everyone is against them, they must either hide from everyone or be super defensive to protect themselves. Beloved, the only thing that protects you is LOVE. Yup–it’s the answer for literally everything.

So if your loved one is behaving in a way that is hurtful and you know, from what I’ve said earlier they’re suffering from rejection–


Step 2; Next pray against that spirit in their life. Intercede for their souls!

Step 3: love them with words and actions. Speak ONLY what God says about them–if what you’re about to say does not reinforce their heavenly identity shut your mouth. And I’m not saying don’t speak truth if their words are hurtful–let them know but don’t call them as a person hurtful–separate the action from the person. Do your best to stay consistent in your actions–but don’t beat yourself up if mess up–this is a time of growth for you as well.

Finally, I’m speaking from experience. I am walking this out right now in my life and let me tell it is hard to not take it personally and not snap back with a smart remark, but it’s possible. Once I manage to do step one the rest of the steps are easier, because satan will come and start saying all kinds of nonsense to you about that person and how they don’t deserve to be in your life or worthy of love–don’t believe him. These are the people that need it the most!

I love you all–stay strong and focused!

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