Ladies, I know that this can sometimes be the hardest thing to do when we are attracted to a man. We feel like saying no will communicate to him that we aren’t really interested and then he’ll leave us and never talk to us again. We think that saying yes makes us more attractive and so because we want to be liked so bad that we say yes to everything.

We say yes to coming over late, we say yes to staying on the phone past our bed time, we say yes to watching movies that we hate, hanging out with his obnoxious friends and the list goes on.

Here’s the truth: [tweetthis]Saying YES to him many times means saying NO to God.[/tweetthis]

There really is no middle ground. The fact that you would rather say no but you say yes so he can like you should tell you that you are living for his approval more than God’s approval. Every time we give in to that peer pressure we are telling God that His opinion doesn’t really matter and we can run our own lives. We’re  basically giving God “the hand.”

So how do you say NO? Say YES to God. Say yes to God’s crazy amazing love for you. Say yes to God’s awesome plan for your life. And say yes to God’s opinion of you. He thinks you’re pretty amazing! Believe that beautiful queen!!!



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